IEEE 13th International Conference CICN 2021
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Call For Papers

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13th International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Communication Networks 2021 aims to bring together researchers, engineers, developers and practitioners from academia and industry working in all major areas and interdisciplinary areas of computational intelligence, Communication systems, computer networks and soft computing to share their experience, and exchange and cross-fertilize their ideas. CICN 2021 will be held at Lima, Peru. Papers are invited on the following track but not limited to:

•Tracks and Chairs

• Soft computing, Fuzzy Logicand ANN
• Sensors and networks (wireless ad hoc N/W, Vehicular N/W)
• Acoustic and under water electronics/communication and sonar systems
• Image, Signal and Speach Processing
• Microwave IC, antennas and Wave Propagation
• Modeling and simulation
• Digital Design, VLSI and SOC
• Data Mining, Big data, Ontology and Web Services
• Parallel and distributed systems
• Telecommunication and Mobile communication
• Grid, Cloud, High Speed/Performance and Green Computing
• RFIDs and applicatons
• Embedded systems and Hardware Design/Implementation
• Mobile Computing, Computational Intelligence
• Power Electronics, Transmission and Power Systems
• Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence
• Bio-informatics, Biometry and Medical Imaging
• Information security,Network Security and Steganography
• Remote sensing and GIS
• Control systems & Control issues in the design of control systems
• Software Engineeing, Software Testing and Implementation