Important Dates / Schedule

CICN 2019 3-6 Jan 2019, Tentative Program University of Hawaii at Manoa:

Information Technology Center (ITC Building) Room 105A, Honolulu, 2520 Correa Road, HI 96822

Time Day – 1: Thursday 03 Jan 2019
08:30-10:30 Registration outside Information Technology Center (ITC) building
Time Day – 2: Friday 04 Jan 2019
8:30-9:00 Registration and Breakfast
9:00-9:30 Conference Hall: Opening Ceremony and first Keynote Talk
Track A Talks
9:30-10:30 am A-01, A-02, A-03, A-04, A-05, A-06
10:30-10:45 am Tea Break
10:45-noon A-07,A-08,A-09, A-10,A-11
Noon-1 pm Lunch Banquet
1:00-1:30 pm Welcome to Computer Visualization Lab
1:30-2:30 pm Keynote talks, tours and demonstrations
2:30-4:00 pm Track B Talks: B-01,B-02,B-03,B-04,B-07, B-08, B-09 B-05, B-06
6:00-7:00 pm IEEE Hawaii Keynote Talk Innovation (UH Innovation Lab, Hawaii Hall, Bldg 37, Honolulu, HI 96822)
Day 3: Saturday, 05 Jan 2018
10:30-4:00 pm Oahu Tour
Track-A Communication Systems and Wireless Networks
A-01 570489010 A Multifarious Design of a Microcontroller Based Home Security and Automation System Using Bluetooth,wifi and GSM Ahmed Islam; Debalina Sikdar; Kajol Bhowmick; Hasan U. Zaman
A-02 1570493323 A New Approach for the Reduced Order Modelling of Linear Time-Invariant Systems Arvind Kumar Prajapati
A-03 1570493565 Multiplier-less approach in the neural network trigger algorithm for a detection of cosmic rays Zbigniew Szadkowski; Michal Wiedenski; Dariusz Glas
A-04 1570493807 Variable Range Instantaneous Least Mean Squares Adaptive Filter for RFI Suppression in AERA Radio Detectors of Cosmic Rays Zbigniew Szadkowski
A-05 1570494330 Downlink Throughput Statistics in interference-limited cellular systems based on Monte-Carlo Simulation Method Solomon Teshome Girma;Dominic Konditi; Ciira Maina
A-06 1570509933 VoIP QoS Performance Analysis in 802.11ac Networks Anthony K Tsetse; Alexandre Ergatian;Brandon Sershon;Samuel Tweneboah-Kodua
A-07 1570511080 Intelligent Sensor to detect Spectrum of Primary Users Ashish Bagwari
A-08 1570512118 Dynamic Time Division Duplexing for Full Dimension MIMO in 5G System Jae Won Lee; Minjoong Rim; Chung G. Kang
A-09 1570493741 Application of Power Control to Improve System Throughput in IEEE 802.11 WLAN Szu-Lin Su; Tsung-Hsiu Chih; Yu-Chia Wang
A-10 1570497575 Estimating and Forwarding Unreceived Symbols for Random Network Coded Communication Yoshiaki Shiraishi; Youji Fukuta; Masanori Hirotomo;Masami Mohri
A-11 1570503079 The Impact of Situational Awareness and Predictive Modeling in a Community Policing Environment Gabriel Pestana
Track-B Simulation, Hardware Design and Security
B-01 1570503550 Simulation Comparison of Applications Used for Energy Consumption in Green Buildings Amin Al Ka’bi
B-02 1570508176 Dense Neural Network used to Amplify the Forecasting Accuracy of real-time Human Swarms Louis Rosenberg;Gregg Willcox;Rory Donovan;Hans Schumann
B-03 1570509590 IADSS: Intelligent Agent-Assisted Decision Support System for Diffusion-Based Molecular Nano Communication Networks Ghalib H Alshammri;Walid Ahmed;Victor Lawrence
B-04 1570513971 RBFN based Tensile Force Estimation using Embedded EM Sensor Junkyeong Kim;Minsoo Park;Seunghee Park
B-05 1570514853 Low Voltage Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Based Energy Efficient UART Design on Spartan-6 FPGA Abhishek Kumar;Bishwajeet Pandey;D. M. Akbar Hussain
B-06 1570514854 Frequency Scaling and High Speed Transceiver Logic Based Low Power UART design on 45nm FPGA Abhishek Kumar;Bishwajeet Pandey;D. M. Akbar Hussain
B-07 1570511080 Intelligent Sensor to detect Spectrum of Primary Users Ashish Bagwari
B-08 1570512118 Dynamic Time Division Duplexing for Full Dimension MIMO in 5G System Jae Won Lee; Minjoong Rim; Chung G. Kang
B-09 1570494538 Demand Side Management- Literature Review and Performance Comparison Hayder O. Alwan
B-10 1570494542 Optimal Energy scheduling of an off-grid renewable system used for typical residential households Hayder O. Alwan
B-11 1570494868 Continuous Stirred Tank Reactors: Modeling and Simulation for CPS Security Assessment Ashraf Tantawy;Sherif Abdelwahed;Qian Chen