IEEE 10th International Conference CICN 2018
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NOTE: Coming Up conference CICN 2019 3-6 Jan 2019 at Honolulu

Last Date of Paper Submission: 1 Mar 2018

Last date for Notification:
30 May 2018

Last Date of Conference Registration: 1 Jul 2018

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1 Jul 2017

Conference Dates: 17-19 Aug 2018


CICN 2018 Esbjerg, Denmark, 17-19 Aug 2018: Tentative Program


Day - 1: Friday 17 Aug 2018

09:00 – 11:00 AM


Day 2: Saturday, 18 Aug 2018 




Inaugural Speech and Keynote Talk


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Room B


1570438463, 1570444788, 1570457701, 1570444788,1570463074, 1570463307,


1570452835, 1570452838, 1570453698, 1570467648, 1570469310, 1570469691


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14:00 – 14:30

Key Note common with ICGCET


Track A: Communication Systems, Microwave, Mobile and Sensor Network
1570438463 RSSI Based Trilateration for Outdoor Localization in Zigbee based Outdoor Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) Muhammad Ali Arif; Muhammad Haroon Niaz; Noman Shabbir; Muhammad haseeb Zafar; Syed Hassan; Ateeq Ur Rehman
1570444788 A QoS Handover Scheme with Priorities for Mobile Communications on LTE Small Cells San Tsang-Ling Sheu and Hung-Yuan Wang
1570457701 A Combined Approach of Long Term Spectral Flatness and Formant Based Voice Activity Detection P. W.C. Prasad; Abeer Alsadoon; Umair Iqbal; Salih Husain Ali
1570463074 New Detector to Enhance Cognitive Radio Performances Ashish Bagwari, GS Tomar, Alaknanda Ashok
1570463307 Performance Analysis of SDR based Wireless Relay Networks Radha Rani; Supreet Singh
1570452835 BER Analysis for OFDM Systems with Various Modulation Techniques in Rayleigh Fading Channel Ali Farzamnia; Ervin Moung; Bradly Virus Malitam; Manas K Haldar
1570452838 Investigation on PAPR Reduction in OFDM System Ali Farzamnia; Ervin Moung; Woei Haw Ang; Manas K Haldar
1570453698 Novel Technique for Optimal Capacitor Placement and Sizing in Radial Distribution Systems Essam A. Al-Ammar; Ghazi Ghazi; Wonsuk Ko
1570486249 Desing and Analysis of Wide Band Bandpass filter using Open Slot Split Ring RESONATOR) Deependra Rajput and Geetam Singh Tomar
1570486353 Design of First order Parallel Coupled Microstrip Band-pass Filter in Mobile Band Vivek Singh Kushwah and Geetam Singh Tomar
Track B: Control System, Image Processing, VLSI and design optimisation
1570470824 Role of Scaling of Frequency and Toggle Rate in POD IO Standards Based Energy Efficient ALU Design on Ultra Scale FPGA Bishwajeet Pandey; D. M. Akbar Hussain; Lubna Dhirani
1570473622 A Design and Simulation of Fuzzy PI Controller for Injection Molding Machine's Clamping System Qun Wang, Jing Chen, Wan Ping Wu, 
1570473624 ResearchontheIntegratedControlofInjection MoldingMachine Hao Chen, Jing Chen, Yu Liu
1570473626 Design of PLC Control System of Wire Cutting Machine Hao Chen, Jing Chen, Yu Liu
1570473630 Design of Telemonitoring System for Passive Dynamic Filter Basedon GPRSDTU Wanping Wu, Jing Chen, Yi Chen
1570483159 Comparative Analysis of GFS and HDFS:Technology and Architectural landscape Chitresh Verma; Rajiv Pandey
1570487415 Research on Fuzzy PID Control of Temperature for V160R3 Injection Molding Machine  Zheng Zhou, Jing Chen
1570473616 The sinusoid-assisted MEMD-based CCA method for SSVEP-based BC Iimprovement Gaopeng Sun, Yanhua Shi, Hui Liu, Yichuan Jiang , Pan Lin, Junfeng Gao, Ruimin Wang, Yue Leng, Yuankui Yang,Keiji Iramina, Sheng Ge
1570486160 Impact of Optimization in Edge Detection using Adaptive Thresholding Juhi Punhani and Manish Dixit (MITS Gwalior, India)
1570457994 Computer Aided Early Detection and Classification of Malignant Melanoma P. W.C. Prasad
Track C: Optimisation, Algorithms, and Services
1570467648 Personalized Landmark Recommendation Algorithm Based on Language-specific Satisfaction Prediction Using Heterogeneous Open Data Sources Siya Bao, Masao Yanagisawa and Nozomu Togawa
1570469310 Low-cost smart-home for rural areas of Pakistan Sajida Mirani; Abdul Mirjat; Sana Hoor Jokhio; Liaquat Thebo; Imran Jokhio
1570469691 A Brief Overview of Folksonomy and its applications Priti Kumari; Anala Pandit
1570483962 Shiny Based Elective Recommendation Web App through K Means Clustering Agnivesh Pandey; Rajiv Pandey
1570473618 DesignofControlSystemforFlexibleAutomatic ProcessingLine Liu Yan, Kong Ruijie, Cheng Gong, Xiaoyong Tang
1570473620 Design and Implementation of No-process of Application Software Based on Micro services Architecture Hongjie Wang, Hongjie Wang, Chenghua Guo, Cheng Gong, Xiaoyong Tang, 

Attendees: are

1. Jai Hoon Kim Auou University